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 Posted: Wed Jun 29th, 2016 04:53 am
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You're welcome Lee..

Well with a brush dipped in odourless thiiner, tipped on a paper towel to have it just a bit moist I reworked the door I didn;t like..

Pretty happy with it I worked my way around the car..both ends and the other side with the same AK product..

Because of the Europ signage and the fact the car is build in 1960 and only 4 years in service before they changed it in to UIC markings I didn't wanna overdo this one.
Lined it up with the "53 build car..

With AK interactive interior streaking effects I added some dirt to these aluminium colored panels..

Also pinwashed a couple of the rivets with the same stuff..

Taking AK's Shafts grease and Bearings I added some grease effect on the wheelpods..

That's it for now..

Regards Martin
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