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 Posted: Tue Jun 28th, 2016 08:50 pm
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Thanks guys !!

Well a little bit about the materials used. First layer with a wash to fade the color. I do not like plain whites on the redish boxcar tone so I used white combined with dark rust..

The roof is entirely done with an AK interactive paneliner in this case the one for wintercamouflage because I do like the somewhat greenish color..

Because this car is in serice for a short time I did cut back on the fades and stick with some plain dirt and in service dirty up don't they. Did use the AK interactive straking grime for panzer grey this time. The tone is more brownish..

Streaking and cleaning done with an odourless thinner..AK or Ammo doesn't matter wich brand..the are much softer then the ones in the DIY shop. You could buy one out of an artist range..

What I think is the advantage this enamel products have, they dry pretty fast but the can be worked on after they are dry. Even after a couple of hours. The door for instance I didn't like the looks so I went over it after the photo shoot. You can't do that with acrylics. Oils could be used but in this case I like the faster drying time of the enamel based paints..For now I do let them dry for 24 hours before I add another layer..Didn't shoot a picture of the looks of the door yet..

Regards Martin
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