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 Posted: Mon Apr 4th, 2016 06:18 am
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Bob R

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A little about Geneseo Railway. For the past few years I have been building small Gn15 display layouts. In January of 2015 I decided the furnace room was big enough to build a small switching layout. After removing all the items stored there I sheetrocked the walls, added a dropped ceiling and built shelf style benchwork along two walls. The area is L shaped 13 ft on each wall and 2 ft deep. Each side has a switching (industrial) area with a run around track and a few sidings. This provides a lot of operation for two operators. Movements from one side to the other require coordination as there is a single track connecting the sides of the L.

I liked the extreme narrow gauge engines and rolling stock I had been building in Gn15 so decided the layout would be 1/24th scale approximately 18" gauge using HO scale mechanisms and wheel sets. That is what led me to the small industrial type gas mechanical critters. I had just begun experimenting with battery power radio control and decided to make the layout dead rail. I have used DelTang radio receivers and transmitters. The four critters are all powered by Bachmann GE44 ton power trucks using a single lipo cell with a Pololu step up voltage regulator. Coupling is by three link chains which are also handled manually.

Track work is all hand laid code 83 rail with stub turnouts. I used Caboose Hobbies ground throws and everything is manually operated.

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