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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 06:05 am
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Alright now back to the beginning.....

It is May 1949 in the rural community of Geneseo. The long economic drought caused by the Great Depression and followed by World War II has finally come to an end. Still the effects are being felt and show in the ravaged condition of buildings an equipment.

The town is served by a light industrial 18" narrow gauge railway developed to serve local industries. It once connected to the outside world through its interchange with a mainline standard gauge railroad. But now improved roadways and modern trucks have rendered that unnecessary.

The railways 4 miles of rail still operate providing for movement of goods to the small businesses in the community. The equipment is aged and in poor condition. There is not enough revenue to justify anything more than essential repairs. Certainly, no consideration of replacement. Abandonment is a real possibility in the foreseeable future.

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