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 Posted: Thu Feb 11th, 2016 07:35 pm
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Howdy Lee, getting the right color is possible if you dye/paint the "dirt". Over years I have tried dirt to get what I want but again, the dirt that grows grass and weeds is not the best. Crushed stone is the "key". As Duane mentioned, yard dirt may crack (especially when applied thickly) and tends to look like it is when water/glue is added-mud. I suppose that I am lucky since the area I model is light tan with a bit of reddish highlights and that is exactly what the crushed stone I use represents. When I built outside, the coloration was a mite different, indoors with "unnatural" lights the colors are somewhat muted.
I have also taken large chunks of the local limestone/chalk and reduced it down into powder and small pieces using a 5 lb shop hammer. For a large expanse of ground, this makes for some REAL WORK and I feel that I need to be wearing stripes and saying "yes, boss".
I never use a magnet since this stuff is not in an iron region but suppose that's a good idea.
As for holding this down, I have always overdone the glue, my dirt won't come loose till the "end times"!
Have fun and experiment, that's what gets the job done.


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