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 Posted: Fri Feb 5th, 2016 04:50 am
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Hi Michael.

Great photos ! :thumb:
That mine has def. got the Grand Central 'classic' type look about it !
Interesting to see a cut-away view sans cupola.

Here's another photo of the part-made Trout Creek Engineering kit.
Roof trusses.

Regarding the current Classic Miniatures kit as being 39' x 26'

There is in fact a small outbuilding at the back of the mine, which we haven't seen yet.
Since it is positioned right near the boiler firebox door... guess is it was an addition to the main building for coal storage.

If say it was about 8' deep, this would make the main mine building say 18' deep.
I have a couple of references for this & can probably make a more accurate measurement.

The main roof is clearly at a 45deg. angle.

It is also possible that the lean-to on the right didn't go full depth, as depicted in the kit...
...but in fact only went about 1/2 depth.
I think this add-on was a small office.

It's also possible that the overall width of the mine was in fact 36' not 39'...
...more on that later.




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