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 Posted: Wed Feb 3rd, 2016 08:22 am
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Hi Si and all,
for a mine that small and with limited "headroom" at floor level, your winding speeds would want to be pretty slow. Any over-run on the way up is going to put the cage through the poppet wheel at the top of the headframe very quickly :w: Now where's that "Ouch!" emoticon? :bg:

I can understand why the headframe is inside the building. Wouldn't be much fun going the the top of the headframe to grease the bearings mid-winter in the Rockies if it was outside a building like just about all of the Aussie mine headframes are.

This Aussie headframe was on top of a lot bigger mine that went a lot deeper (1400' before the rope ran out) and the cage travelled a whole lot faster...

.L: All the same I wouldn't want to be lugging a drum of grease up all those stairs too often. :P

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