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 Posted: Wed Aug 19th, 2015 09:01 am
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jtrain wrote: I have no idea why this locomotive has two stacks, but it looks sweet! I can't specifically answer that question about that locomotive, but here is something I expect to be relevant to the beast's general nature,

“Fireless steam loco-motive! Impossible!” hoots the skeptic. “The very words contradict themselves!” And yet it is true. Fireless steam locomotives — a thousand of them in use in Europe and more than a hundred in the United States —without boilers, fireboxes, grates, ash pans, or tubes, are pulling heavy loads back and forth in the short railway systems of private industries of America and other lands and have been doing it for almost sixty years. Like the half-nude and sweating men who feed the furnaces and oil the machinery deep down in the bowels of a great ocean liner while feasting and music and dancing goes on in the brilliant salon far above, these fireless locomotives have gone about their work almost unknown, unseen, unsung, for nearly a lifetime. What makes the wheels go ’round? How do they work? Don’t they run down?

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