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 Posted: Sat Aug 8th, 2015 03:00 pm
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W C Greene

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Oh yes, I remember those olden times. I didn't build card stock models preferring to build with balsa and white pine which my grandpa cut on his band saw. Duco, ambroid, and Elmer's worked and I even used "hide glue" which was always "cooking" in grandpa's shop. Nasty stuff! I got into HOn3 in the late 50's and there was NO flex track, car kits were boxes of sticks, but PFM and Ken Kidder had brass locos...the Kidder 0-4-0 was $6.95 and the PFM 2-6-0 was $34.95. Lots of dinero back then. These are the "good old days" but nobody seems to build anything now...maybe I am a dinosaur after all.

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