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 Posted: Fri Aug 7th, 2015 11:59 am
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Aarrgghhhh...We used this kind of stuff in the woodworking shop way back in high school. It was kept hot in a pot and applied with a brush to glue wood sections together using dowels for alignment. About as much fun as Walther's GOO, except GOO smells better.

Or am I thinking of the glue made from horse hoofs? As in "This nag is headed for the glue factory." (Must have been a "fun" place to work.):shocked:

I built a Mahogany coffee table that Mom had in the living room up until a few years ago using that nasty glue and got a pretty good grade on it. There were other "cabinetry" projects as well, as you had to do one for every grading period. One was a cedar chest damn near as big as a coffin that took what seemed like gallons of that yucky glue.

The next year I took metalworking and stuck things together with an arc welder.

Stumpy in Ahia:old dude:

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