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 Posted: Thu Aug 6th, 2015 04:28 pm
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No Stumpy, I don't think that the point is lost. The people that built those models from paper must have gotten as much satisfaction, and pride as we did/do. We used what we had at hand, they probably bought the paper. But the pride is the real point, I think. Today, as you said, model railroading has changed to a ''buy it'' hobby, but there can be a number reasons for this. Advancing age, with it's diminishing eyesight is just one. Wanting to get something presentable, to justify the hobby to family infidels, is another.

But-no one is stopping you and I, and others of the same ilk from making models from old cereal boxes stuck together with hide glue if we wish (except where would you get hide glue now--but I'm sure that Jose will find a site) Yes, the hobby has undergone a terrific transformation in the 67 years since I started, but I still do some the things the old way-the slow way- the satisfying to me way.

The whole thing about a hobby, any hobby, is satisfaction, and respite from the world that surrounds you. You can escape from your daily life for a short time, doing something for yourself, in a constantly more demanding world. Yes we ''scrounged'' materials, and ''made do''. Today's model railroaders sometimes have to scrounge money to buy a loco that they want, and have to make do with rolling stock lettered for the wrong prototype railroad. We can brag about how much time we had invested building. They can have the satisfaction of acquisition. But we are all in the same hobby, and for the same basic reasons.


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