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 Posted: Thu Jun 11th, 2015 03:23 pm
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Herb Kephart

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In the smaller scales, nail holes should be omitted--Take a look at a real shed from an appropriate distance that the model will be viewed at---IE from so many scale feet away--and the nail holes will be invisible. Only larger knot holes will show.

Unless, that is, if you are modeling a war zone, and the building got strafed by 20mm. fire.

Others will not agree with this--but try looking at a real shed from 100 ft away--typical HO viewing distance for a model.  Only--possibly--a few rust stains vertically running down from some nail heads (also far too easily overdone) will show up.

Just one of my pet peeves, along with too thick wood shingle butts. They should be no more that what ever one inch is in your scale  (.012'' in HO)--for old hand split shingles. More like one half inch with newer, machine split ones. Any more than this would be looked at as a waste of wood.

Please take this as a suggestion, rather than a criticism.


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