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 Posted: Tue Jun 9th, 2015 11:35 am
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Hey guys,

I left the hobby around 10 years ago when I was 14, because of high school, cars, girls etc etc. My life is starting to settle down and Im going to be able to get back into the hobby soon. Ill be getting my own apartment and will be able to setup a layout soon. Ill be going for a late 40's Arizona mining layout in HO.

During the weekend I attended the " Big Train Show " here in Ontario CA. All the layouts really got my juices flowing again and I had an itch to build a model. I thought scratch building a shed would be easy enough and straight forward to build.

So I went to the local hobby store and 99 cent store and got the things I would need to build this. All I really needed was Popsicle sticks and a sheet of balsa wood and glue, along with some cheapo paint brushes.

So I hopped on google images and searched " three sided shed " and came across this, and thought that would make a nice model, so I got to work.

This is the model I was imitating

I am going to build that ^, with these

It wasnt until I got to this point that I decided to start taking pictures, sorry about that

Put the roof 2x4's on

Rear planks

Far side planks

All side planks done

A quick paint wash with brown acrylic paint and water

I wanted to use corrugated metal roof for this model, So I made a jig of types to use as a kind of molding thing to make the corrugated roof panels with.

I glued a number of round tooth pics to a piece of cardboard, then laid a patch of tin foil on it and used a tooth pick to press the tin foil into the groves between each toothpick.

Started doing the roofing

Finished the roof and got it painted

And the finished model. Still have some weathering and painting to do, but this will give you an idea

I think Ill make a small diorama and put a work bench and other details in the shed, maybe hang some lights in there and other things. Anyway, I think it turned out pretty awesome, considering this is my first model after 10 years....

One final pic to give you a sense of scale

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