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 Posted: Tue May 5th, 2015 05:25 pm
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Herb Kephart wrote:
As for the movie, Two thumbs up! Gomez Addams couldn't get those results, but probably wished that he could!Oh, it's easy, you just need to buy a few dozen flat cars, as many tanks, self-propelled guns and halftracks, then find a spot where nobody goes nuts when you toss it all down an embankment.
I'm surprised this movie doesn't have the following that the movie, "The Train" has, in that these crash scenes are far and clear the most ambitious I've ever even heard of in any film.
The only way they could film this, I guess, was given the timeframe, the French had zero need for German tanks and tracked vehicles so they were probably going to scrap anyway. That said, the French army was using German Panther tanks in Indochina, so I guess the ones that went sailing for this movie must have been badly damaged and weren't runnable at the time to be of any use.

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