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 Posted: Sat Jan 10th, 2015 09:47 pm
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I have seen these rims before on many photos of rail cars. I do believe they were manufactured by some one just for the rail car needs. The flange, while not as deep as standard railcar flanges, is about a deep as most streetcar flanges and will ride the rail quite well. Realize that these cars did not go 50 mph on most tracks - that would lead to disasters.

PCC cars (the last modern American streetcar made before 1957) had flanges about this deep and have been operated as fast as 50 mph, or more, especially on the old Library line out of Pittsburg (usually late at night).

I would like to have that pile of junk just to rebuild the rail car as I have ridden over the old Tucson Cornelia Bend rail grade when I lived in Tucson. :mex:

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