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 Posted: Mon Jan 5th, 2015 01:19 pm
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fanai wrote: Yes must agree - so much neater than mine

The 'secret' is the use of a paper cup and bone-dry ballast.
I load a small amount of ballast and position the lip (of the cup) above the required gap,
then tap the upper edge of the cup with my index finger.
Only a small amount of ballast drops directly where it is directed.

Just fill the gap and move onto the next gap.

The 'softish' brushes allow you to move excess ballast into the gaps and straighten the ballast shoulders,
if you use a stiff brush it will flick ballast all over the place.

I spray wet water onto the dry ballast,
wait a few minutes for he water to soak in,
then drip dilute top quality PVA (1:1) mix with a pipette.

Leave well alone and do not touch for 24hrs (or less if you live in Oz or somewhere hot).

The beauty of the process is that almost everything should be available in the home/office,
only the pipette and spray need to be bought, but once you have them, they're a keeper.

Don't use a plastic coffee cup as the ballast slides too easily,
I can't explain why, but try it and see what I mean.


Tim H


Tim H
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