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 Posted: Sun Jan 4th, 2015 07:46 pm
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Tim H


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I loathe and hate ballasting,
it is a boring task that takes forever and it is not easy to get an even result.

That was how I felt about ballasting when I worked in HO, but O Scale is so much easier,
or at least it is after starting to use a paper cup to distribute the ballast.

The quality and brand might make a big difference, but I was using Woodland Scenic N Scale for HO,
but now I use  B89 Coarse Grey  lovely stuff.

Absolutely no dust, and it does not discolour after being soaked in PVA,
whilst the redundant N Scale ballast is used for the fine gravel found at the edge of the cess.

My tools for ballasting are nothing special:
  • Paper Coffee cup
  • Jar of diluted PVA with pipette
  • Couple of soft(ish) brushes
  • Spray of wet water (from WalMart)

Though I cannot ballast the layout is one go, therefore I use the elephant principle*

but I ensure that I ballast at least 15cm each time I visit the workshop (without exception).

*Eating an elephant, one bite at a time

Tim H

Tim H
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