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 Posted: Sun Dec 21st, 2014 04:46 pm
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Lovely stuff, Peter.
I was doing 1/32nd about 7 years ago, but had no space, but still prefer it to all the others.

Don't forget slot racing bodies for this scale, guys. My chum has done some nice road cars, including Volvo Amazon, SAAB 99, Land Rovers and of particular interest to our Murrican chums, a Chevy and Ford step side pick-ups , which are especially nice. All resin slot car bodies are around 25-35 pounds each, but most are very good (says the man who made over 30 masters for them:-) ). PM me for details.

There is not enough crossover between hobbies. Bit of a hobby horse of mine. For instance real scale rope is the province of model ship builders. And a flush/sunken rivet impresser for 1/32nd scale is available from ScaleModelShop for 9 quid. It's intended for flush rivets on model aircraft....and so on and so forth.


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