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 Posted: Mon Dec 15th, 2014 03:12 pm
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W C Greene

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Thanks guys...I'm trying to get this one right, as right as I can get it! Si mentioned the Shay, I rebuilt her a while back to "replicate" Gilpin Tram #1 which went on to Silver City as their #1 also. Now I am faced with more work if I want to convert Mogollon #5 since she's a 2 cylinder engine and needs to be 3 cylinder! Maybe I'll just live with that "inaccuracy" and have fun with what I have. As it is, I will need to change the locos back to coal burners...the MRy used oil. Pick, pick, I need to find a use for the old tank car.

Brad, there will be plenty of updates and maybe some "historical" info also.

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