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 Posted: Sun Dec 14th, 2014 02:05 am
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W C Greene

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Thanks Duane...will PM you in a bit. The nice reddish-brown earth out there in Silver will be next on the list of scenic speculation.

Here is an unfinished version of what fascinated me so very long ago.  In post #1, the old, faded photo of #4 hauling ore cars up "hairpin curve" with the beautiful little caboose in tow was my "fantasy" ...but maybe now I am getting close.

No scenery yet but operation has begun. My take on the old photo...tiny #1 (ex Gilpin Tram #1) and a "mixed" train is shown in an approximate view of the old photo. Now that I have this up & runnin'...I will do the "topography", flora & maybe some fauna.

This is IT!!!

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