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 Posted: Thu Oct 23rd, 2014 05:20 am
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I just loaded the post onto my blog detailing how I made the sky. This isn't my first attempt, but it is by far my best. I'm trying not to sound like an expert in this, since I'm far from being an accomplished artist. However, I did try to reach out a bit with things I've picked up watching youtube videos and other artists I've met over the years.

Here's the link to the post:

I might revisit this topic in the future and do a video (edited down to about 10 minutes of course) since that seems to be a better way to demonstrate techniques.

The biggest thing I can say is that when painting, especially in practice, try to experiment and push yourself. Sometimes it will work, other times it won't. But by doing so, you are broadening yourself from what Bob Ross can teach you.

Speaking of which, there are plenty of youtube videos out there from PBS shows and from professional artists. I recommend watching as many as you can stand to listen to.

And I almost forgot, here are the results of my labor:

The lighting could be better, but I would rate it as a solid B grade as a backdrop for a small diorama. I still need to practice and focus on the clouds more before I do anything serious. What do you guys think?


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