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 Posted: Sat May 24th, 2014 03:53 pm
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I think Woodie has hit on yet another problem with expanses of water ... they tend to be unrealisitc.

Some time ago I visited a fellow hobbyist's layout wherein he had a very nice harbor scene.
The 'water' looked OK - and was certainly superior to anything I had attempted.
My host's comment was [sic]; " The amount of effort, involved with the water, was not worth the trouble "
Furthermore, " It is almost impossible to keep dust free! "
Hmmm, when was the last time you saw dusty water in a real harbor?

Many modelers ('modellers' for you European readers) in the U.K. use 'wavy' Lucite shower door 'glass' as the 'water' in larger expanses.
I had filed that tidbit away and, after re-viewing the pictures above, am thinking they may be onto something.

While my ferry pictures were taken outside on our patio table (smooth side up),
there is a striking resemblance to water with the 'rippled' glass.
One could use the 'smooth side' of the glass up for ease of cleaning; or turn it over ('ripple side' up) to show water surface definition.

Furthermore, you could cut the Lucite to fit the hull of whatever watercraft was present,
and the 'waves' would accentuate the idea that the hull was immersed within the medium.
Really all that seems needed, is an appropriate, painted surface under the Lucite.

This is something else for yours truly to ponder whist building the Monks Island Railway 2.0
(another 'gem' gleaned from the pages of Railway Modelling magazine ... my all time favorite)


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