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 Posted: Thu May 22nd, 2014 08:58 pm
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It has been requested that I show some images of my Spoorpont Ferry model.

Please understand that the model is not fully completed (or weathered).

My comments are not meant to condem 'Artitec' - nor their line of fine models.
I am merely trying to point out some problems when 'mating' European models to American rolling stock.

In this first view, one can see the ferry with two American 40' cars on deck.
I wanted to show how nicely this model 'fits the scene'.

Don't be fooled, while the cars seem to fit on the ferry's deck, they cannot fit through the end gates and stanchions.

Here is a shot of those pesky end gates/stanchions:

For the next series of images I will remove any rolling stock and take the ferry out to our backyard harbor.
(which looks surprisingly like our glass-topped patio table)
BTW: With a different color underneath that glass really looks like a harbor surface.

This is how the ferry looks today (all hand rails are in place and the crew is aboard).
Oh, speaking of handrails ...
... They are very thin black thread, that requires the modeler to drill out (slightly) each tiny hole in the railing stanchions).

The crew seems to be in a state of readiness ... must be coming into the slip.

Well, there you have it: an excellent model; that doesn't do the job.
I have been advised, by my U.K. pen-pals, that modification of the wheel house would allow more clearance.

I am not sure that is what I want to do.
I may just order some vans and wagons from E. Hatton's and display it.
As in all things, you never know.

I do know that the Monks Island Railway 2.0 will require something better (as a ferry) than the extended Peco Loco-Lift it now uses.


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