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 Posted: Sun Apr 27th, 2014 08:21 pm
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To go along with Pipopak's railcar and railtruck threads, here are some unusual rail vehicles of all sorts of types.

Here we have a rail sofa. Looks comfy, don't it?

An interesting rail motorcycle

The Nattrass Rail Tractor... That thing looks pretty darn tough, doesn't it?

This is an Australian armored rail car. Looks more like a rail battering ram to me.

A rail dogmobile. I guess once it gets moving fast enough they quit pulling it and just jump on.

Some kind of rail truck under construction.

Some kind of rail car. Looks European to me.

An actual working garden train. It almost looks like it's monorail too. Handy....

Another rail bike. Apparently, militaries were fond of these back in the day.

A railroad weed burner. Can't have the tracks looking too scruffy, I suppose.

Here is one of the more unusual locomotives I've ever seen.

That about does it for now....

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