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 Posted: Thu Apr 24th, 2014 09:13 am
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Hi gents,
Always happy to see some other modellers having a crack at doing some gum trees. Since there are so many varieties of gums around, its always good to see other interpretation that could be used again in the future.

For those that were looking for my previous clinic notes to download, that file has been removed. I have recently re-written those notes with a few more details, and changed the format of them a little, so they are now designed for better screen viewing as a landscape page (or still print them out).

I had the clinic notes available for free for quite some time, but since there has been continued interest in the technique, and I have been presenting how-to clinics at exhibitions, I have produced the clinic to now be available on a CD for purchase. The clinic is around 35 pages of detailed notes and photos, and the CD also has a number of photo albums of my projects that feature the gum trees in scenes after being constructed. The CD's are normally available as part of my display when I attend model railway exhibitions here locally in Australia, but some will be available shortly online (via that usual online shopping place)...or just PM me for details.

Dan Pickard

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