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 Posted: Mon Apr 7th, 2014 12:08 am
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Gauge is 900 mm or 2'.11 7/16" i.e. nominal 3' gauge.

I'm NOT a rivet counter but there is something a little odd about that photo :

- it looks like the tram number is 28 but it is not on the normal 28 Route
  (I can't quite read the destination board)
I travelled the whole 28 route several times only a couple of months ago & there's nowhere quite like that;

- it looks slightly different to the normal Lisbon trams;

- the building style is slightly different to the Lisbon old quarter.

I'm probably mistaken but it might be Oporto, not Lisbon. 
The building style is fairly Iberian (i.e. Spain or Portugal). 
Possibly even South America somewhere ??.

Regards                Michael   

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