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 Posted: Mon Mar 31st, 2014 07:34 pm
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Hi James,

I forgot to mention that if you can get lucky there is a 'Free Source of Foamboard' -
- the stronger, foil clad stuff (known as ISO or PIR .. polyisocyanurate.. Trade Names Celotex, Kingspan ).

Look out for a local construction site where the external walls/roof are nearing completion, then ask the Foreman/Site Clerk if you can clear up any left over bits of foamboard insulation. It will save them having to bag it & truck it away. I don't know what your current 'Elf & Safety Regs are like (a gift to us from the US that we could have done without !!) - you may find people on a small construction site are more amenable.
I have a full sack of the stuff waiting in the workshop for 'Chavez Junction' as & when I can finish the trackplan.

Regards                 Michael

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