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 Posted: Sun Feb 16th, 2014 03:08 pm
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Thanks. In G scale, he problem is that everything is so large, it has to have detail to look right. In HO scale, ground foam suffices for leaves, but in G scale, you almost need static grass and coarse ground foam to be effective. Yes, I would use the thicker branches, and I might even do something like soak them in rubbing Alcohol, let them dry, then soak them in Polyurethane which is essentially a liquid plastic. When the ploy dries, it might give more stability and "flex" to the branches.

Long and narrow shouldn't be a problem, you just bundle two or three together to make a branch, or have more branches overall. Ponderosa pine doesn't really have large, flat branches, that's more of the spruce variety. Also, for my railroad I'll be having lodge pole pine, so I'll need to have a lot of branches of about the same length.

Next time I am near a Michael's, I'll be sure to pick some up and try it for myself.


James W.

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