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 Posted: Mon Jan 13th, 2014 01:03 am
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W C Greene wrote:
AJ, is there any way way that you could increase the radii to 10" or so? Lengthing the square shaft works OK going left but right it causes interference and it took some fiddling and cussing to get 10" out of the driveline. The hollow sq shaft material is from K&S, I forget which size but they have it. As it is, the shafts have to be almost ready to come apart to get the tight curves. Be prepared to do some work but it CAN be done.


The tightest curve on my track plan is 9", but I may be able to enlarge it to 10". I wish I had a means of making a full scale mock up to fiddle around with that. I've recently turned my attention to working on a Porter or two. I need to find some 1/2" OD piping or tubing for the "Spud", along with some styrene sheet for the cab and water tank.

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