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 Posted: Sun Jan 12th, 2014 03:32 am
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W C Greene wrote:
AJ-looking great! On the 9" radius...with some work, you should be able to get her around. I am running 10" radius on my Gila Tram exhibition layout and although #4 hunkers around them, she stays on track. You will need to work on the drive train to the trucks, the universals will need to be reworked. I used NWSL universal parts and made up the "dog bone" shafts using wire & their ball joints. You will also need to wire the trucks' pickups with some fine flex wire...the stock pickup system is crap anyway. Also, you might need to slightly modify the sliding box shafts also. But you will get there. Good luck.


Thanks Woodie! I acquired all the NWSL upgrades aside from a new motor. I also have the MDC Shay Handbook which has been a HUGE help as well! However I've come across a new challenge. I have yet to post pictures, but I was able to modify the engine assembly not only to have proper clearance over the rails, but also to have a more accurate 2 cylinder arrangement.

I had to drill some new mounting holes in the frame to mode the cylinders and crank shaft assembly a little further forward. However on left hand turns, the telescoping parts of the universal shaft are pulled so far apart that the section "Drops Out". Which would not be a good thing when operating.

I think the problem can be remedied by replacing the square metal tubing with identical tubing, but cut to a longer length. And in a way that wouldn't hinder the cosmetic drive line when making a right hand turn. The problem there is I don't know where I could go to find such tubing, nor what "kind" it is so as to search it on the internet. The closest hobby shop is a Hobby Lobby and their selection with anything railroad related is well... "limited" to say the least.

As it stands I still have a locomotive that will run on a strait-a-way decently (once I have a motor and electronics set up) as well as BROAD curves. In the mean time I may focus more on the aesthetics of the locomotive and details. Or fiddle with my neglected On20 porter project.

And speaking of Porters, I had some inspiration a while back for a squat and chunky mining loco inspired by the "Wallis". A 20" gauge mine engine, built by Baldwin, that ran in California prior to the existence of the Arizona 20" gauge.

I had acquired a Bachmann N scale/gauge 0-4-0 with the intend on turning into a more traditional On18 or On20 Porter... but given it's small size I've recently decided to make it into a mine loco. Here is a pen sketch I made (I didn't have any pencils or drafting pens at the time to make it like my other works) of the general idea for the design. For some odd reason it reminds me of a potato so I've named it "Spud".

The other possible option is to make a small compressed air locomotive similar to this.

I may widen the gauge of the chassis for HOn3/On20, or I may keep in N gauge so I can have an 18" gauge engine to work some of the individual mines. Again, these are just ideas and feedback is greatly welcomed!

Sorry for such a long winded reply. But I'll post more current pics of the shay shortly. :moose:

A.J. Davis

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