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 Posted: Fri Jan 10th, 2014 07:59 pm
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More updates, YES!!!

Well I've been fiddling with the shay for the past few days in my spare time between daily errands. I have made some progress though, I was able to work out the bind in a part of the cosmetic drive train and fixed the "running" side of the side frames to the trucks. I also ground off the pins that limit how far the trucks can swivel to maximize (or rather minimize) the minimum track radius. My goal is to get the engine to operate on a 9" radius curve as a set minimum.

I then turned my attention to the engine cylinders. I'm wondering if the S scale 2-Cylinder shay engine casting from WMS (Wiseman Model Services) may have been defective as it doesn't match the look and assembly description in the Sn3 conversion kit instructions. I originally intended to call Mr. Wiseman up and see if I could get a replacement, but then I elected to see if I could make it work regardless. I cut off the cylinders with a razor saw and placed the parts on my parts box. (I may be able to use them for another build) I then mocked everything up on the model and set it on the track and took some photos. Though when I did I happened to notice something...

As you can see the I think I have a bit of a clearance issue here. I didn't account for the additional thickness of the WMS casting along with the original plastic part. I've already started working on remedying the problem and I will post pictures shortly. I'll also see if I can modify things to make this a proper 2-Cylinder engine and drive line. Until then I have a few other pictures that I think you will enjoy.

On a whim I elected to pose the say together along with my O scale reference figure, which I have now randomly dubbed "Fred".

Although the caboose fits proportionally, it's actually too wide for me to use for On20, by about a scale foot or so. I decided to have a set Loading Gauge for my On20 models that will make constructing future models a bit easier. In short, I've made some On20 guide lines. The set width I've chosen is 6 scale feet. This width was decided on because of the Arizona Copper Co.'s locos #9 and 10. Both were BIG, for 20" gauge, 0-4-4 types built by H.K. Porter and were the larges engines used on the ACC's 20" gauge network. They may possibly have been the largest 20" gauge engines ever built also! But I don't know that for sure. Anyway, due to that bit of prototype inspiration all my current and future On20 equipment will be no wider than 6 scale feet.

Here's another view of my little Gnomy bobber bash with "Fred" to give an idea of just how small this little caboose is.

Here's one more view of the shay, this time right from the front. The model is sitting on a length of Micro Engineering HO/HOn3 code 70 flex track. The Ocalla Tramway will use code 55 rail, but my On30 Big Thunder & Western will use code 70. When I have the opportunity to actually build a substantial layout I very much plan on having some dual gauge trackage to have fun with. And again, Fred stands next to my little shay as a size reference.

I'm loving how this locomotive is turning out so far! It's going to be an adorable little steamer when she's done! Well that's about it for now, but stay tuned because more is on the way!

A.J. Davis

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