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 Posted: Mon Jan 6th, 2014 05:22 pm
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Thanks very much and I've had a load of fun working on the model. Though I've had my share of frustrations to along the way. I may need to get a new cylinder casting from WMS, the one I have doesn't seem to match what the conversion kit instructions describe.

My biggest worry is the gearbox and the lead truck side frame. Jeff Johnston's book has been an immense help with working on the model. I have all the NWSL upgrades, aside from a new motor. I'm still looking to find one that's suitable, but still fairly small.

The gears in the gear box seem to turn fairly freely, but I think they could still use some work. I've thought about using s toothpaste method to help smooth them out, but I'm not sure how effective that would be on brass gears.

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