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 Posted: Sat Sep 28th, 2013 08:53 am
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Hi Loggers !

If yer a Mich. Cal. fan; no need for explanation...

I should have explained the above photo a bit.

The cars of sawn-lumber shown are a bit unusual for shipping timber; right ?

The sawn-lumber was loaded onto these cars; to travel on the INSANE Mich. Cal. cable-car; out of the logging area, & to the market.

EVERYTHING had to go, one-way or-another, across on the cable-car.

Locomotives were far too heavy for the cable-car...
...they were dis-assembled on one side...
...and then re-assembled on the other.

Pictures of the cable-car; give me the SHIVERS !

But hold on tight !
Don't look down...
...& I believe the cable-car had a 100% safety record (I think !)




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