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 Posted: Sat Jun 8th, 2013 03:01 am
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Nice bright blue refreshed backdrop panels are almost intimidating.
Left end and right end modules of set of 4 that Bill and I have at Boonslick Model RR club HO layout.
Backdrops were second hand and looked more than a bit rode hard and put up wet.
Now all I need is to get my Bob Ross or Michelangelo game on, whichever suit model RR scenery best.

Want to paint clouds first then whichever kind of scenery is settled on - that way clouds will go behind scenery.

Are leaving backdrops off two middle modules of the four since people commented that they like to be able to see yard in center of layout square.

Had considered cutting backdrop tops with wavy shape but then decided that was more work than I wish to do.

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See y'all later, Forrest.
Screw the rivets, I'm building for atmosphere
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