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 Posted: Fri May 3rd, 2013 04:08 am
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The contest room had several models that caught my eye - here are some of the structure entries.  The white hose company won first place in structures, I think.

This model of the Poza Mine was very nice.

I think this entry won in freight cars - it's a model of a steam engine (as used in a factory) broken down for shipment.  Cool!

I liked this pair of loaded flatcars.

This diorama with a shop scene was very good. The structure had a full interior.

This is most, but not all, of the local narrow gaugers that were at the Symposium.  The local narrow gauge group has been getting together for about 40 years now!

So, back to the manufacturer's room and the Rock Ridge Sn3 portable layout display...

This group will be hosting the Dallas, TX Sn3 Symposium in 2014, and built this layout as  means of drawing attention and promoting the event.

That's Duane Richardson, one of the builders.  It think maybe 4 or 5 people from Dallas drove up with the layout.

One last imae of the Rock Ridge layout.

John McKenzie of McKenzie Lumber Company displayed his tree making kits.

John also more or less continously demonstrated his process during the show, and also gave a clinic on the process.

Don and Marilyn Heimburger of Heimburger House Publishing Company came and displayed their book offerings.  Don is a big supporter of S scale and Sn3, and has the publications to prove it.  Don told me he was celebrating 51 years of publication - he started publishing when he was 14!

Milepost 169, a local reseller of products, also was at the show.

Joe Fuss of Raggs to Riches came.  Here is a Joe Fuss beating back the hordes of curious modelers.

Joe is a great guy and fun to talk to.  He always seemed to have people around his display.


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