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 Posted: Mon Apr 29th, 2013 12:34 am
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Smaugller's Cove - Part 2

We left the layout at the lift bridge that guards the entrance to Smuggler's Cove, and that provides for the passage of the 30" gauge railroad over the cove.

Remember that shack with the lobster pot floats on it...

it was beside the wharf for the lobster processing plant, immediately to the right of that shack.

Its a bit unnerving to have the lookout at the lobster processing plant peer at you through binoculars and give you a wave...

I wonder what's on the menu at the Clam Shack Cafe??? Keep an eye out for that "Historical Seaport" sign....

There's that same sign again at the top left of this photo of...The Maritime Museum.

yes the Maritime Museum has a fully detailed interior.

and here that sign is again...this time at the top right of this photo which also shows the 30" gauge railroad depot in the blurry distance and a patron of the Clam Shack Cafe at the bottom left of the photo.

Moving past the moored 2-master at the front of the Maritime Museum we come to the next wharf,

where the Steamboat "Sabino" is moored

and keep a weather eye out for that little red and white boat in the background....

But moving all of 6" to the right, a different view of the "Sabino" and the steam tram opens up -"It's a Gnomy". Just goes to show what can be done with toy tram

Look for #13 in the background at the right...

and that #13 belongs to the Armory Wharf Cafe that overlooks the inlet behind this trestle bridge

Note the careful placement of trees and other images on the backscene that greatly add to the depth in this photo. These backscene images drift in and out of view from behind the buildings and trees as you move along this layout.

And we still have another peninsular to go yet....Don't go away for too long.

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