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 Posted: Sun Apr 28th, 2013 01:51 pm
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danpickard wrote:
Hi all,
With the OzNGC all done and dusted, its time for me to relax again for a while. Here's a link to a quick video of some of the weekend's activities.

I'll try and get to a handful of photos once I've had some time to sort through the.

Dan Pickard

Hi all,
Strap on a seat, this next one may take a while...

Dan's video above features about 30 second of Smuggler's Cove by Geoff Nott and Michael Flack. That brief amount of time really can't do this layout justice. Even Gerry Hopkins video of the Convention that features about 5 minutes of Smugglers Cove still comes up short. Gerry;s video is at

Geoff and Michael have delivered a layout that delivers constantly changing panoramas as you move along the layout. A small change in angle or position opens up a totally different view that without this change in what is being seen becoming dischordant or jarring.

I hope that my photos may give further inspiration. Their work is truly art. The photos will appear here as though you are viewing the layout from your left to your right

First up is the house at "Dunes Point":

Moving along to the next inlet, before you get to the lighthouse, you see the 30" gauge railroad trestle bridge and the actual 'Smugglers Cove" behind

I'm quite chuffed, I even managed to catch the light in the lighthouse alight.

However, with a seagulls' view, you get a different panorama, the wharf with fishing boat and a glimpse of the On15 tracks behind Smuggler's Cove now coming into view

Keep an eye out for the Real McCoy Rum and Wally's Warehouse....

The building on the "Real McCoy Rum" wharf is really what gave Smuggler's Cove its name. Now zero in on Wally's Warehouse, now the On15 track can be plainly seen, unfortunately that train has just departed

Move to the right of the lighthouse and look to the left, you see Spampy's Seafood. This is next to Wally's Warehouse on the backscene

Look to the right and you see the 18" gauge tracks disappearing under the covered walkway at the Atlantic Clipper Seafood & Canning Company

Immediately to the right of the lighthouse you have

Backing the zoom off gives this panorama

with an arriving fishhing boat, waiting for the bridge to lift, and the buildings of the Atlantic Clipper canning plant towering in the distance. The lift bridge is actually based on an Aussie 2' gauge prototype near Nambour in Queensland over the Maroochy River.

The same view, but from a different angle,

At the other end of the liftbridge tracks is the cannery's delivery dock on the 30" gauge tracks

Keep an eye out for that shack in the foreground with the floats on the may reappear in my next post

So far we have only covered about 1/3 of the length of Smuggler's Cove that was on display.... Part 2 coming next...

John Garaty
Unanderra in oz
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