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 Posted: Sun Apr 21st, 2013 08:41 am
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My settings

If you use Tx2 in mode 1, as default, you may only change trimming of the throttle pot. I do not need the inertia feature so I switched my Tx2 to mode 2, without inertia. Also I wanted to have throw options to 100% for all channels.

This setting procedure for this two settings is activated by connecting the solder pads "pin 8" and "Vref=+3.1V". In addition to this bind switch has to be "off" in case of mode choice and "on" in case of throttle options choice. You can read the detailed instructions for the setting procedure here.

As I want to make more than one Tx2 and for playing around with the setting possibilities, I made a little auxiliary tool with a kind of claw from a 2 pole piece of the pin header and a toggle switch. The bind switch you see on the right inner side of the case.

For throttle I use a pot with center click indication in the middle position. When I switched on loco and transmitter the first time, the motor was buzzing in center position of the throttle knob. That's an indication for that the center click position is not exactly enough at the middle resitor value. In this case you just have to do some trimming of the throttle channel (normally channel1).

Turning the throttle knob a slight way to the left or to the right will make the motor to fall silent. That is the direction you have to keep in mind for the trimming, in my case to the right.

For actvating the trim mode of any channel I need to connect "pin7" at Tx2 to 0V. I soldered a simple plug and switch tool for this as well. The throttle pot is plugged to the channel that has to be trimmed.

After pulling pin7 to 0V with the switch the LED on Tx2 goes off and I turn the poti to the right end position. The LED starts flashing, whereby each flash indicates four steps of the 512 you have in each direction. I wait for about 5-10 flashes, don't remember the exact number now, and then loose connection of pin7 to 0V with the switch. Turning the throttle to center again and switching on the loco gave the wished result. Maybe you don't hit the correct trim at the first time, so you have to give some flashes more or have to go some flashes back in the other direction. Detailed instructions for this again here.

You may also need trimming if you use a servo e.g. for uncoupling.


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