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 Posted: Thu Apr 11th, 2013 11:13 pm
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Hi John

Nice linkeys !

The first is 'the classic pic'...
...the one I know anyhow.

Thanks for the 2nd one...
...NEVER seen that one before.

Interesting to see the side-view.

I dunno what they thought they were gonna do with it; if half the German army came floating across the English Channel.

But I guess it made 'patroling' the coast a bit easier (maybe).

I believe the RH&DR was 'double track' all the way to Dungeness before WWII...
...when they ripped up the rails for scrap-iron...
...and never relaid it to this day.

An AMAZING and 'different' to 'most' Brit NG railways...
...I've never seen it modelled though... someone's had a bash at a bit in Gn15 though...
...or maybe OO etc.

I wanna go look now !

Cheers oxtrains


My favorite 'armoured'ish (military) trains...
...I think, are from Sam Peckinpah's movie 'The Wild Bunch'.

Mexican revolution era.
One gets robbed (US Army one)
The other is the 'mobile HQ of the Mexican General.

Great train stuff on 'The Wild Bunch'

( standard gauge though folks ! )

...I was admiring your US Army car on the 'no switch' micro-diorama...
...N I C E...
You must have a 'thing' for a military train or two ?


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