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 Posted: Mon Apr 8th, 2013 08:45 pm
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Next steps

The DelTang Rx60 and Rx61 receivers provide the dedicated selection of up to 12 locos with a appropriated multi position switch in your Tx.
For this you convert the switch in a kind of potentiometer, but with fixed resistor values. On Davids website you find schematic examples (pdf) e.g. for a 6 way switch .

I want to use a common 3 pos toggle switch for the selection of three locos. The switching states of this switch are " on - off -on " and so this kind of switch can not be wired like a "normal" multi position switch, where each position has its own connection.

The wiring diagram for this switch you find here (for 100% throws)

And this is the way my prepared switch looks like. I use channel 2 for loco selection, red wire is the positive side and is connected to Vref = 3.1V again
(lustre terminal in the picture).

A third switch I want to use for the headlights. This is an 2 position switch, for front and rear lamp.

The 3pole plugs I used here are from these header sockets, that can be broken in needed length. Together with the pin header you can also make very small pluggable connector

Everything placed into the case looks like this. Voltage supply comes fron a 3.6 V LiIon battery (non rechargeble, 2.6 Ah) with AA size, so that it fits into a standard AA battery tray.
Perhaps this will be replaced with a Lipo of suitable geometry later on. But this was my quickest find and with a current demand of the wired Tx2 of about 40-50mA this battery will last for quite a while.

More wires, more chaos, so quickly closed the lid.


Next, my settings for Tx2[img][/img]

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modelling in 1:22.5 on 32mm and 16.5mm track
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