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 Posted: Thu Apr 4th, 2013 09:38 am
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Australian based Ixion almost completed the designwork for a 70 hp, siderod-driven Shunter. Made by the british company Fowler, similar locos were produced by Baldwin. So I think, they may feel "at home" at US-layouts too, and I know a certain member of freerails, who is quite interested in this funky kind of diesels :mex:
The model is 0 scale standard gauge 2-rail. (I'm really disappointed it's not 0n30 :us: ) EDM models started a special sound project and will provide a decoder with prototypical sounds (recorded from "close relatives", as the original prototype never exists)

Here are the links:

(disclaimer as usual: not related, in business relations, bribed or blackmailed :bg: )


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