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 Posted: Wed Apr 3rd, 2013 12:55 am
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HIYA Everyone....

OK, this is pretty much where I have decided to go with my layout.
And this is a someday thing (still stuck in a tiny APT.)

1.) 2 levels along the outer walls, in 2 of the four corners I want a city type atmosphere with trolleys and inturaban freight ops. The giant W shape seems the most practical because I can set a pair of helix's at the long leg of the W to go from lower to upper levels.
On the rough and tough side of town will be freight yards, engine facilities car barns and such. With the city taking up about 6 sq feet being modeled. Having trolley and heavyweight passenger stations in the same building.

2.) Double track mainlines with double crossovers at each block signal for better freight and passenger service.

3.) The ENTIRE upper level will wind through canyons swinging back and forth over rivers and streams (24" depth Max) while running along side Appalacian mountains that run from about eye height to the ceiling.

4.) The whole thing will be under wire!!!! 600 volt through out the city. 25 Hz on the main line and yes Herb...... I'm going to go there and model ( FAKE) thrid rail in my yards.
I got the rest of my life to do it and if I flip out making the wire, my wife can make padded panneling for my room with the 17 big chicken hens!!!!!



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