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 Posted: Tue Apr 2nd, 2013 06:53 pm
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I felt the same way, Herb. Back about 20 years ago I seriously considered joining that club. Back then I didn't have the space for a layout and I figured I could learn from some of the older guys. But then I looked at the layout itself and it looked too much like a bunch of track and not enough like real life. Also, the members were mostly very old guys and I was still not yet 30. We didn't have much in common but the thing that put me off the most were all the guys showing up with giant, super expensive brass locomotives. I knew I couldn't never afford one of those so I wouldn't ever really fit in. Back then they also had a waiting list to get in. I see today that memberships are open... Humm... Nope! I'll just stay the Lone Ranger and do my own thing.... and post about it and learn from the guys here at Free Rails.

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