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 Posted: Tue Feb 26th, 2013 01:26 am
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Well it was inevitable, it all had to start somewhere. So here we go;
I started simple, just planning to build a bookshelf for my office and as it turned out the upper surface was just screaming for a display of some type. So I started this concept for a small single themed scene to test out my skills as a refresher to modeling and a test bed for some new technologies in lighting. This will keep the time to complete down and hopefully the learning curve and cost that go with it down also.
The unit will be 72 5/8" wide, 20" deep at its max. and around 16" tall. The following images show where I am starting from. The width and depth are kind of set to the bookshelves. It is the height I am all concerned about. Current elevation will be at 56" top of rail to floor. I am 6ft tall and this looks as good a starting point as any.
How much of a vertical opening is enough? How much valance? ...etc.
I will be testing out LED strip lighting, so how to arrange and angle the strips will be important to achieve a shadow free display.
The scene will be a station, water tower, and a short bridge over a stream to feed the tower. Looking at just a single rail line with no siding or switches. Will be using a very large radius curve to give gentle turn to the scene.
Have a look, and if you have any suggestions I am open for discussion.
All of the design is being done in 3D CAD so change and experimentation at this time is easy and only cost is time.

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