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 Posted: Tue Feb 5th, 2013 04:43 pm
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You're right, Ray. There is a place for everything, including caricatures. Heck, even I like caricatures in model railroading at times. My Brookville certainly fits that description.

I do think the major mistake made is making the rivets too big. I'm sure I'll make that mistake more than once myself. This thread wasn't so much to be critical of others but rather to see if people here noticed the same thing that I do about them. For instance, last night as I was on my way home from work I passed by the giant railroad yard at the Chevy Truck plant in Flint. I looked at the cars and such from a medium range of about 100'. The rivets and bolts were viable but they were tiny dots by comparison. I think the problem is when we try to make those in 3D they too easily end up being too big. I think it's pretty hard to make a scale size rivet.

Anyway, the tank car project is under way. I haven't placed any rivets yet. I'm going to wait until it's a little farther along to make that decision.

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone.

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