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 Posted: Wed Nov 21st, 2012 04:48 am
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More On Stamp Mills


In this post, I'll talk about some of the stamp mills along the Gilpin Tram.  There were many mills served by or adjacent to the Gilpin Tram's 26+ mile-long route.

Most of the mills, and the largest processors, were all down next to Clear Creek in Bkack Hawk.

We saw a photo of the Avon Mill in a previous post.  This mill was at the base of Quartz Hill, near Nevadaville.  This mill recieved coal from teh Gilpin Tram, and shipped out mill dirt to other mills for further processing on the tram.

This shows the Avon mill site today.  The area has changed a lot, as the trees have grown up.  Nothing is left of the mill today, except for some stone foundations and railroad grade.

We also saw another view of the Olover Mill, along Chase Gulch, in a previous post.  Here is another view, and the Gilpin Tram grade can be seen snaking around the hillside in the background.

Here is the Olvier Mill site today, from about the same viewing angle.  That is not a mill structure at the bottom of the gulch, but a sprawling home built on the mill site.

The Hidden Treasure mill was one of the more interesting processors along the tram.  It was served off of a short switchback, crossing on a trestle over the Gilpin Tram down into Black Hawk.  Note the lower track in the foreground is dual gauge - 2' and 3', as the C&S had a spur terminating here.

This photo shows the Hidden Treasure mill site today.  The highway construction obliterated any traces of the mill building and railroad grade.

Perhaps one of the most magnificent mills along the tram.  The milll farthest downstream along Clear Creek was the Iron City mill.  This mill was greatly expanded over the years, to this large, sprawling structure seen here.

This photo shows what remains of the mill site in about 2005 - nothing, really, except for some cribbing for the Gilpin Tram grade.  Since I took this photo, even more of this grade has disappeared for a waste water treatment plant construction.

At the opposite end of Clear Creek, the Gilpin Tram served the Wheeler Milll, maybe a mile or so upstream from Black Hawk.  In the 1990s, you could see this structure which was either on or very near the original Wheeler Mill site.  This particular mill building was built sometime after the Gilpin Tram quit running - y guess is maybe in teh 1940s or so.  This building has since been demolished (progress!?), but I like the proportions - I could see building something like it on my layout.

That's all for today, but I can post more on millls, if you'd like.



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