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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2012 02:34 pm
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Al, er, I mean Duane: please give us your thoughts on stamp mills! As far as I am concerned, the more, the better!

Herb, you asked if any of the mills have machinery in them? By my count, there are 5 mill structures still standing in the area: Polar Star and the Golden Gilpin Mill in Black Hawk, the Little Red Mill in Mountain City, an unnamed mill remnant in Illinois Gulch, and the more recent Chain-O-Mines building in Russell Gulch.

I think only the Golden Gilpin Mill and Chain-O-Mines mill have machinery in them, and these are more recent mill buildings - 1950s is my guess. Neither were served by the Gilpin Tram.

I was given a tour by the Polar Star Mill's owner, and none of the original machinery remains.

There were a few more pieces and remnants of mills that are around, or disappeared in the last 20 years - I'll post more on those if there is interest in that topic.


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