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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2012 10:13 am
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Let's do a real SBS on the bush making...

Base were I work on is a thin sheet of aluminium..

instead of taping I used non permanent sprayglue this time to hold the kraftpaper on the aluminium sheet (paper's the kind spraypainters use for masking) and painted it black/brown with a cheap wall latex..

The sisal rope in varoius stages and the tool I use for combing it a bit straight ( it's for the dog and from the petshop)

Changed the next step a bit, didn't like the clumbs of hot glue so I figured adding the bush frames befor groundcover would hide them a bit more..

also did a second sheet with 0.4mm florist wire ..

Like the hot glue for sopeeding up the proces. Next step is adding fast drying white glue to the sheet and a variety of sawdust from my workshop...with a coarse and fine sieve..

closer look..

Did put both sheets away to dry. Will post more steps later..

Time for the next steps in bush making..
Left it yesterday with the sawdust added and white glue drying, time to add another coat of blackish brown. Mixture of latex wallpaint, white glue and a wall sealant (somekinda stuff you use to seal walls before painting, to get the suction out of it, dunno how it's called in english)

let it dry for a couple of hours and then these come in..

give both the sisalrope and the floristwire a quick coat with these flat spraypaints..

after this I put both plate on the side to have a real good dry. Next steps tomorrow also waiting on some ailenee's tacky glue. Wanna try that for adding fibers to the branches..

Last coat 's dry so time to add some grasses. First a coat with 2mm fibers, advantage of working on this tiny sheets is that after you grassed it up you can turn it upside down and knock of the loose fibers. After this its right on with the second layer of 4,5mm fibers. Taking a syringe and dropping in thin glue..repeat the knock off...

added a 5 eurocent coin for sizes in the close-up

Also tried the tacky glue. Just a stick of floristwire and some fibers added

that's it for now, next steps tomorrow...

Been a bit to rough on the fibers, added 12mm's instead of 6 [:-banghead]Well I tried to make some out of it. Added some 2mm fibers to and after that Polak fine leaves...

Lets have a closer look..

One lesson learned for myself, don't drink to much beers before ya work on greens [:D]

Last ones in the SBS on bush building. The florist wire bushes. Just cut them a bit random so not every branch in a bush is the same height. After that adding wooly fibers with aleene's tacky glue..

Next step is adding 6mm fibers with a tea sieve, bought a cheap airbrush and use Polak Sprayfix..WS scenic cement will do the trick to

repeat this but this time using 2mm fibers..

Noticed you have better control with the airbrush so I used it for painting the bushes a bit blackish to..

Airbrush and sprayfix, Polaks fine leaves with a tea sieve and theres the final result..

been looking for the kinda airy look..think it has it..

Just have to trim them here and there...
That's it folks.................easy

Regards Martin
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