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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2012 10:09 am
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Tutorial of small bushes with a hot glue gun..weapons of choice..

use a piece of HPL laminate to work on and spray it lightly with a vaseline spray otherwise it's the same as makin tufts, cut pieces of the brushes and stick'm into the glue,,

I don't own a airbrush (need to order one soon) and the lack of flat colors in rattle cans (only mat black) I decided to paint with a brush only use sepia extra acrylics...

next step is to add 5/6mm static grass fibers using spray glue and a tea sieve...

repeat this step but now using 2mm fibers...hard to see but this is the closest my lens can get (need to buy a macro for this)

next step is adding WS fine turf color weeds..but I play around a bit with several colors...

last step is adding Noch Ho leaves, ordered some Polak material also to try and play with..use 2 different colors to give them more depth...

when I'm finished I seal it with a cheap hairspray..
Think it's ending up here on my layout

easy like that takes about 5 till 10 minutes each, maybe it's easier to order prefab Polak's or Mini-natur but I think this is more fun...[:D]

Regards Martin
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