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 Posted: Wed Nov 14th, 2012 03:59 am
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Since we have been talking bridges lately, I thought I could share some photos of the prototype bridges on the Gilpin Tram.

The Gilpin Tram crossed many small gullies and gulches along its 26+ miles of trackage.  There were no large rivers to cross or tall trestles - the Gilpin Tram preferred to be built low-budget and following the contours of the mountainsides - any fills were small and any rock cuts very modest.

The photo above is Shay #2 pulling empties up through Prosser Gulch, across its small bridge with cribbed timber approaches.

This is a sketch of bridge drawings I hand-copied from original journals from the 1890s, of notes on bridge construction details. 

Chase Gulch was a tortuous climbe from the yards at Black Hawk to the mining districts.  Along the way was this Gilpin bridge, basically wood cribbing with a culvert-like opening in the middle.

This is the same bridge site as in the photo above - the wood cribbing was replaced with this stone structure set a little further back up the gully.  That's friend Darel Leedy on the bridge, to give you an idea of how big this bridge/culvert is.

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